The First Smile

Because today more than ever, every smile matters.

Pepsodent contributes to protect those smiles more affected in this crisis, by product donations and community efforts.

With decades of our expertise in running oral hygiene awareness and education programs, we now aim to continue to work closely with communities around the world to do our bit: 

Dentist holding Pepsodent toothpaste

1 - Protecting Smiles of those at the frontline, through our products 

We are giving our range of oral care products (toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash) to those most impacted by the epidemic. So far we have donated oral care products worth X million to hospitals and hotels where medical workers are being accommodated. We will continue this initiative as long as it is needed.

2 - Unlocking Smiles through online dental consultations

To support families with handling dental ailments while staying at home, and to ease the pressure off hospitals and clinics during this time, we are offering free dental consultations online. We have created a panel of dentists from the Pepsodent Dental Expert Center to respond to patients in real-time via Whatsapp. To begin your consultation, please scan the following QR code.

Pepsodent Ghana WOHD Brushing Demonstration
Little Brush Big Brush

3 - Helping Build a Positive Brush Time Routine, at Home 

To help parents have one less thing to worry about, we would like to enable building children’s brushing habits through fun ways such as The Adventures of Little Brush Big Brush and the Day and Night Brushing Calendar and other tools to make brush time, fun time. To download, click below.

Download calendar (PDF 0.2MB)

4 - Unlocking Smiles through local community efforts

With the current reality of schools being closed, we plan to plough the funds that would have been used to run on ground school programs and events into causes that are more pressing.  In partnership with the World Dental Federation, we are identifying ways and means to continue our efforts in communities, albeit now relating to Covid-19. 

Boy brushing his teeth
Dental Representative

5 - Our legacy Brush Day & Night school program goes Digital 

As school curriculum shifts to online platforms, so will the Pepsodent Brush Day & Night school program. However, understanding the reality of children being in an easily distracted environment, we are redesigning our material with the help of expert partners to be byte sized, engaging and rewarding whilst being educative.

6 – Our company-wide efforts

Globally, Unilever - the owner of Smile, will contribute $153 million to help the fight against the pandemic through donations of soap, sanitiser, bleach and food. This includes:​

A product donation of at least $76 million to the COVID Action Platform of the World Economic Forum, which is supporting global health organisations and agencies with their response to the emergency. In addition to the supply of soap, Unilever will adapt its current manufacturing lines to produce sanitiser for use in hospitals, schools and other institutional settings.​

Product donations, partnerships and handwashing education programmes, delivered through national health authorities and NGOs, to support local communities most at need.

Smile. Because Today, more than ever, Every Smile Matters 

Today, our belief and purpose that ‘Every Smile Matters’ could not have been more relevant. A smile, in times like this can be a powerful gesture that unites and a symbol of hope of a better tomorrow. We invite you to share this video to spread a smile to others.