Pasta gigi Sensitive Mineral Active di atas layar putih dan biru

Sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be uncomfortable, even painful, and you might suffer from it regularly or just on some sudden occasions.

Start browsing our articles below to learn more about different sensitive teeth problems and solutions. This includes information about the most common sensitivity symptoms, such as tooth pain when eating cold foods or sipping some hot drinks, as well as some of its causes, like enamel erosion. We will also give you some advice on how to prevent sensitivity, which begins by following the correct sensitive dental care routine and avoiding harsh products or treatments.  

Remember: speak to your dentist or doctor if you experience sensitivity and pain. It is always a good idea to consult a professional but keeping up with your daily oral care regime and getting regular check-ups can generally help as well.

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What causes sensitive teeth and how to treat them

Dental sensitivity can be caused by various factors. It can nevertheless be prevented and treated with several treatments.

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