Dentist teaching a child how to brush teeth

Our Social Mission

Every Smile Matters

For over 25 years, we have been on a mission to improve oral health across the globe by promoting a simple but effective message: Brush Day and Night. We believe that every smile matters and that nothing should get in the way of smiling – especially not poor oral health.  To date, we have reached over 102 million consumers around the world, spreading outstanding oral health so that everyone can unlock the power of their smile. 

There's a global oral health crisis

Illustration of a tooth with cavities

children suffer from cavities globally

Infographic statistic of children suffering from oral pain

suffer from moderate to severe oral pain

Infographic statistic of children missing school due to oral pain

children have missed school in the last year due to oral pain

And it is affecting these children on a deeper, emotional level:

Infographic statistic of children skipping school activities due to oral pain

They are 3x more likely to opt out of school activities

Infographic statistic of impact of oral pain on social interaction

They find it twice as difficult to socialise

Infographic statistic of impact of oral pain on self-esteem

They are twice as likely to experience low self-esteem

Yet, it’s also the most preventable disease. The solution is simple: brushing day and night with a fluoride toothpaste reduces tooth decay by up to 50%.

What we do

Students gathered for Pepsodent school programme outreach

We partner with schools, dentists, nurses, and organisations across the globe to improve oral health in our communities by:

  • Innovative products that help give you a healthy, happy mouth and are good for our planet
  • Providing access to dentists via free dental check-ups
  • Equipping parents with tools to help improve their kids’ oral habits
  • Interactive school programmes that educate on day & night brushing

School programmes are the highlight of our mission. Delivered in partnership with teachers and nurses, kids learn about oral health in a fun, interactive, and compelling way. 

These programmes aim to establish long term brushing behaviour and are proven to increase twice-daily brushing behaviour in children by 25%. 

Program sekolah Pepsodent Indonesia

To date, we have reached over 102 million people to help:

 Illustration of 2 smiling teeth

Improve social-emotional skills

Children with poor oral health are nearly twice as likely to find it difficult to socialize with others.

Impact of education with healthy teeth

Better school performance

Children with good oral health are more likely to enjoy school and participate in activities.

Illustration of a healthy tooth

Enhance self-esteem

Children with bad teeth are nearly five times more likely to avoid smiling and laughing

Infographic map showing the countries that Smile has outreach efforts

So, join us on our journey

Help children build good toothbrushing habits by teaching them to brush day and night. A happy, healthy smile is the best gift you can give a child.