Young boy brushing his teeth with a blue toothbrush in front of a mirror to avoid tooth decay

Plaque and Tooth Decay 

Plaque and tooth decay are common dental problems that many people experience in their lifetime, but do you know how to prevent them? In our articles below, we’ll help you get to grips with those conditions and explain how brushing twice a day can help.

Starting with tooth decay, also known as dental caries, we’ll help you identify its causes, its location, and give you tips on how to manage tooth decay before it can get worse.

For plaque, a sticky deposit on the teeth, we’ll not only outline methods to remove dental plaque but we’ll also explain the cause of tartar, which occurs when plaque hardens on the teeth, and explain what descaling teeth means.

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Home remedies for toothache

We know the pain can be crippling so we’ve come up with the most effective home cures for toothache while you wait for your dental appointment.

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How to prevent enamel loss and damage

How to prevent enamel loss and damage

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How to prevent dental cavities

How to prevent dental cavities and avoid tooth decay with Pepsodent.

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How to get rid of tartar and plaque

For good dental hygiene, learn to prevent and remove tartar and plaque which are two problems related to the accumulation of bacteria.

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