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Dental Hygiene and Teeth Brushing Advice  

When we talk about how to maintain dental health, it is important to keep the whole mouth in mind. Within the oral cavity, the teeth only take up around 20% of the volume, while the rest comprises oral tissue, the tongue and the gums. To protect the whole mouth, it is most important to maintain good dental and oral health. 

In our articles on dental hygiene and toothbrushing, you’ll learn the right toothbrushing method and how to maintain proper dental hygiene for you and your family. From tips on brushing your tongue to learning about the anatomy of teeth and how to care for them, we are here to help because every smile matters.

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How to brush your teeth properly

In order to have a good dental hygiene, it is essential to know when and how to brush your teeth in order to have a healthy smile.

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