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Oral care professional, a kid jumping in excitment and cartoons all with tootbrushes in their hands

Social Mission

Kids in school uniforms holding up pepsodent's guidelines on how to brush teeth during the social mission events.

What we do

We spread ​outstanding oral health so that ​everyone can unlock ​the power of their smile.

​We protect your smile by promoting good habits – like brushing day and night.

We protect the smile of your community through our school programs all around the world. So far, we have reached over 80 million people.

We protect our beautiful planet through actions to minimize the environmental impact of our products and to promote sustainability.

Dentist checking a kid's mouth with a wooden tongue depressor.

Why we do it

Tooth decay is the world's most widespread disease: at least 3 out of 5 children suffer from dental cavities, and toothache is the main reason for children to miss school.

The easiest way to defeat tooth decay is by brushing twice a day. It has been demonstrated that brushing day and night with a fluoride toothpaste can reduce tooth decay by up to 50%.

Educating children about this at an early age helps to build good toothbrushing habits for life.

Dentist checking a kid's mouth with a wooden tongue depressor.

Learn more

Smile has been on a mission to spread good brushing habits for over 25 years.

The brand’s oral health activities include school programmes, free dental check-ups and community initiatives reaching more than 5 million people every year. The yearly culmination of all activities is World Oral Health Day, celebrated worldwide on March 20th with events, mass brushings, parades and more.

Kids carefully brushing their teeth