Pepsodent Dental Expert

Pepsodent Dental Expert

Pepsodent Dental Expert is committed to bringing oral health education, resources and new innovations to dental care professionals.

Smile Social Mission

Social Mission

Tooth decay is an enormous global issue today. At least 3 out of 5 children suffer from dental cavities, affecting their health and self-confidence.

That is why Pepsodent has a mission to change oral care habits, starting with children.

Pepsodent has worked with dental care professionals for more than 25 years on school programmes that educate on twice-daily brushing.

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Smile Science


Sensitive Expert by Pepsodent. Clinically proven relief from sensitivity in 30 seconds.

Remineralises and helps protect from enamel demineralisation. Strengthens gums and helps prevent further gingival recession

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Patient Resources

Patient resources

Patient education is crucial to improving oral health by driving behavioural change to brush twice daily. Learn more about the patient educational tool ‘Little Brush Big Brush’, which can help drive behaviour change in children, encouraging them to brush day & night.

We have also created educational tools that you can use with your patients to help them understand sensitivity and its causes.

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