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Mom and child brushing teeth together

World Oral Health Day 2021



World Oral Health Day, is the largest global awareness campaign on oral health and is celebrated on 20 March.

This year, to understand how oral care habits and behaviours have been impacted during the pandemic, when daily routines were disrupted, Pepsodent commissioned a global study. We spoke to nearly 7,000 consumers from eight countries and 15 dentists from three countries.

What we uncovered

The pandemic made people more focussed on their health and wellbeing.

7 in 10 people refocussed on their health and wellbeing during the pandemic, focussing more on physical and mental health

But, this positive shift did not translate to oral care. Oral care routines have instead deteriorated. Fewer people are brushing twice a day globally, compared to 2018.

Adults decreased brushing by 5%, children decreased brushing by 11%

Children mirror parents’ behaviours. When parents skip brushing, so do their kids. This inadvertently impacts their oral health.

64% of people experienced oral health issues
Over 1 in 4 children are not brushing their teeth twice a day
Children are 7 times more likely to skip brushing their teeth

Why should we start prioritizing oral health?

From our global research in 2018, we know that the impact of poor oral health has been proven to go beyond just hygiene - it also impacts a child’s confidence, self-esteem levels, school performance and ability to socialize. 

Learn more about the attitudes, behaviours, and experiences of Oral Health during the Covid-19 pandemic: click to access the full infographic (pdf 186kb) and corresponding fact sheet (pdf 218kb).

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to instigate positive change and build good oral care routines with our families. 

Introducing #BrushWithMe

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About our Campaign

At this time where dental visits may not be possible for many around the world, the simple act of brushing day and night can help dramatically. This World Oral Health Day, through our #BrushWithMe campaign, we are encouraging parents everywhere to brush both day and night with their children, and develop better oral care routines for their families.

Kids mirror your actions. Let’s set a good example and build lifelong brushing habits with our families. Now is the perfect time to instigate positive change.

Watch our video below and #BrushWithMe today! 

Dad and daughter brushing their teeth together

Hear more about Pepsodent’s social mission in partnership with FDI

Helpful Resources

Signal outreach programme

To help families create the lifelong habit of brushing day and night, we are providing parents and dentists with the tools to help kids rebuild oral care habits that stick, such as the 21-day Brush Day and Night calendar and a storybook written to bring joy into the act of brushing, titled ‘The Adventures of Little Brush, Big Brush’. 

Try it out with your child today

Image of school program activity

For over 25 years, we have been visiting schools with our 21-day Brush Day & Night school program. Delivered in partnership with teachers and dentists, kids learn about the importance of good oral health and correct brushing techniques in a fun and interactive way. Learn more about how we improve oral health in our communities.