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Why we do it


The first global research on Oral Care

To help us fulfil our mission more effectively, in 2018 we have commissioned a global research on the impact of poor oral care on school attendance and results on children between 6 and 17 years old and their parents. It is the first research of this kind on a global perspective and it has helped us understand the challenges and difficulties that poor oral care and dental problems bring, and their impact on school life and personal life of many kids around the world.

Kid carefully brushing her teeth while instructed
Mom and son brushing their teeth and smiling
Kids learning how to brush their teeth in school

The starting point

In many countries we are seeing the rate of twice-a-day brushing habits beginning to plateau.

We want to bring urgency back into the conversation and prove that the outcome of poor oral health, bad teeth and gums visibly separates people and locks them out of opportunities.

A kid and a dentist holding toothbrushes and smiling

The outcome

The first of its kind multi-market study evidencing the correlation and causal link between oral health on educational attainment and happiness. Advanced statistical analysis will help us measure the correlation and causal nature of good and poor oral care on all the aspects of life.

The results will be announced globally on World Oral Health Day 2019.